No ATM fees. Not here. Not there.
Not anywhere, with your Equity Bank debit card.

2.2 million ATMs

And with Equity Bank, they’re all FREE!

Most banks charge you up to $4 per transaction, forcing you to choose their ATMs only. That little fee adds up to one big fee over time. At Equity Bank you can use any ATM, anywhere, with no charge. It’s on the house!

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ATM Savings Calculator

The average cost to U.S. consumers for getting cash outside of their ATM network is $4.13.

*ATM Marketplace

The average person uses their ATM card more than five times a month.

*ATM Marketplace

Enter your age to see how much you’ll save in ATM fees over a lifetime.


With no ATM fees, you will save $365 each year, perhaps more...

  • ATM users who make withdrawals weekly

  • ATM users who report paying up to $5 per transaction

*Equity Bank Trendline Survey, Dec. 2013.