Do you pay $10 per month for checking?

Many banks now charge for checking regardless of how long you’ve been a customer. UNLESS, you meet as many as FIVE strings attached to get free checking. Now, you have to dance every month to get free checking, like a puppet on a string. Truth is, most will find it challenging to meet these requirements, over and over.


It’s easy to switch

Equity Bank continues to offer free checking.  Free checking with a large, free ATM network. Switching accounts is not difficult. Equity Bank offers you a personal concierge to take the pain out of that switch. Save thousands now. Cut the strings that make you a bank puppet.


From puppet to concierge. Nice!
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What does $6000 mean to you?…
It’s the money you’ll pay them over a banking lifetime

That $10 per month adds up really fast. Over one year, you’ll pay $120. If you don’t change your bank now, then you’re going to spend THOUSANDS of dollars for that ONE account. What happens if you have more than one? It doubles, or triples.

Enter your age to see how much you’ll save over your banking lifetime by switching to Equity Bank’s free checking, no strings.


What could you do with an extra $6000?

  • Kansans that are likely or very likely to change banks over a $10 charge*

  • Kansans lacking confidence that they can meet their bank's new requirements for free checking*

*Equity Bank Trendline Survey, Oct. 2013.